Penentuan Hukum Plasma Darah Dalam Makanan Moden


  • Mohd Izhar Arif Mohd Kashim Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Muhammad Adib Samsudin Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Wan Kamal Mujani Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


blood plasma, halal food, food technology, shara' food


Recently, modern technology concerning modern food production has been rapidly developed. It is intended to cover the food supply so that it will be sufficient and thus able to improve the economy of a country. From these efforts, there rose a range of modern food products produced by the mixing of illegal substances, forbidden and dubious as blood plasma in food.The issues raised regarding blood plasma in foods is when the blood that flows has been modified into dust plasma. Some scientists claim it is very useful to modern foods, for example when it is capable of causing beef chunks to become more solid and lasts longer. In addition, it is also capable of producing food additives such as dyes, emulsifiers, fat substitute, and egg white substitute for the binding of food, protein supplements, iron and bioactive compounds. Therefore, the objective of this article is to review the law in the use of blood plasma products in modern foods which is rapidly increasing these days in local and international markets. This study is conducted using qualitative methods involving primary texts in sharia and science. As a further enhancement of this research, views and opinions amongst fiqh scholars will be submitted in addition to the evidence produced by scientists in producing the food. Therefore, the discussion will begin with an explanation of the definition of blood plasma according to science as well as the concept and application of blood plasma in food. As a result, the determination of the law on the use of blood plasma in the food will be discussed. However, this article does not deny that the original law on the use of flowing blood in food products is illegal because it was clearly mentioned in the Quran. Based on the original law of flowing blood, the determination of the blood plasma application in modern food will be ethically resolved. From this study, some principles regarding the law of using blood plasma in modern food has been outlined.