Atribut semulajadi kepimpinan pengetua dalam memartabatkan profesionalisme keguruan di negeri Sabah


  • Rohani Marasan Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
  • Dg Norizah Ag Kiflee@Dzulkifli Universiti Malaysia Sabah
  • Colonius Atang Universiti Malaysia Sabah


principal’s leadership, natural attributes, Theory of the Great Man, effective principle


This paper explores the natural attributes of the Principal's leadership in school
administration. This qualitative survey, via a single case study, adopted the "Theory of
the Great Man" and the effectiveness of Principle as a role model as its theoretical
framework. Data from a series of in-depth interviews with school’s principal,
administrators, coordinators of subjects, students and parents, were analysed manually.
The findings showed that the natural attributes of the Principal in the firmness aspect,
reflecting the integrity of Principal's character in his/her administration practices. The
findings also indicate that the Principal's leadership in eight main areas aligned with the
assumptions of the Theory the Great Man, and criteria of the effectiveness of Principle as
a role model.