Human trafficing and forced labour: the Malaysian case


  • Wong Wai Khuen Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Dzulzalani Eden


Forced labour, ethical recruitment, human trafficking,, business sustainability


In recent years, the global community led by government institutions and prominent
stakeholders has been aggressively addressing the issue of forced labour. It is evident
with the increasing number of leading brand companies that have pledged to compel
their global supply chain to improve labour standards and adoption of ethical
recruitment for migrant workers. This manuscript aims to provide a descriptive
analysis of the forced labour trend in the current economic landscape and the relevant
stakeholders’ responses in handling this issue. The information obtained from
published academic literature, policy papers and reports, including awareness building
support in private initiatives, sharing of best practices, identifying legal reform and
research priorities provide an overview of Malaysia’s efforts in tackling forced labour.
This paper concludes that there is an urgent need for greater awareness among
Malaysian employers to recognize forced labour as a pressing social issue. It requires
a collaborative effort among all stakeholders, particularly with the government and
civil society in order to eradicate such practice from their supply chain collectively.