Implementasi Malaysian Standard (MS) 2424 2012 Halal Pharmaceuticals - General Guidelines Kesan Kepada Pensijilan Halal Malaysia


  • Johari Ab. Latif Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)


Halal, Pharmaceuticals, Malaysian Standard MS 2424, Malaysia Halal Certification, JAKIM


Muslim communities in Malaysia are concerned with the halal issues in their daily lives including medications. Many issue, changes and developments that have occurred on pharmaceutical field in Malaysia. The Department of Standard Malaysia and The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) together with other government agencies and pharmaceutical industry have developed a new standard known as Malaysian Standard MS 2424:2012 Halal Pharmaceuticals-General Guidelines, as a guideline of halal pharmaceuticals. It is a positive development because currently we are dependent on the imported pharmaceutical products where the status of halal is unknown. Despite the action taken are considered successful in creating a system of certification for halal pharmaceutical products, but in terms of actual implementation of standards by the halal certification bodies Malaysia (JAKIM) and the industry must be considered because this is a new standard. Therefore, study on “Implementation of the Malaysian Standard MS 2424:2012 Halal Pharmaceuticals-General Guidelines impact on Malaysia’s halal certification should be carried out in accordance with the requirement and development of halal pharmaceutical industry in Malaysia. The findings of this study show that JAKIM and the pharmaceutical industry are able to implement the Malaysian Standard MS 2424 based on halal certification requirements. The study also found that through the implementation of the relevant standard could give an advantage to JAKIM and the pharmaceutical industry. The result showed that inimplementing the standards there are some obstacles and challenges that must be faced either by the JAKIM or the pharmaceutical industry. At the end of the study, the researcher provides a number of recommendations to strengthen and facilitate the planning on certification of halal pharmaceutical product.