Amalan Dan Strategi Pemerkasaan Sektor Pertanian Masyarakat Melayu Sri Aman, Sarawak


  • Mohd Daud Awang Universiti Putra Malaysia


agriculture practice, sri aman, traditional agriculture, agriculture


Sri Aman is a division of Sarawak where the majority of the population in this area is the Malay community (Chang Pat Foh: 1999). Currently the number of Malays in Sri Aman is approximately 20% of it’s population. For them, agriculture is not only a sector of employment or economic resource but is also a traditional occupation for the Malay community of Sri Aman and they are famous for the cultivation of rice. Apart from paddy, oil palm and rubber are also important plants for Sri Aman communities. Sri Aman is also known for crops like citrus fruits, rambutan, corn and others. However, based on the observation done, that they are still using traditional methods in the agricultural activities. Besides that, researchers also found that the infrastructural development at the village level is very poor. This study has concluded that the agriculture avtivities cannot to be develop due to most of the cultivated land is in small scale with using traditional methods and facing the problem of limited financing capital.